Praying mantids-Mantodea

Welcome to the site devoted to praying mantids focusing on their raising.Since praying mantids are extremely interesting insects and there is little information about them on the Czech websites I have decidet to describe my experience with their raising.I case there are other every effort however to include as little information of unconfirmed sources as possible. I have also added a few additional photos of other insects I also raised and find particulary interesting.
Praying mantids are carnivorous insects and live mainly in the tropical areas,but they also dwells in warm areas.There are about 2300 species of described praying mantids.The smallest are Mantioda tenuis and Bolbe pygmaea,whose lenght does not exceed 1 cm.The largest praying mantid is probably Ischnomantis gigas whose length is about 17 cm.I will not describe here any features of the praying mantids as they can be viewied in the attached photos.Any possible comments or queries need to be directed to the fllowing email address:
With my best wishes of successful raising of this interesting insect Václav Skoupý