Tamolanica tamolana

Features: big, brown praying mantid; pectoral shield similar to e.g. Rhombodera basalis; the male's shield is smaller and the male overall is thinner than the female

Length: male - 8.5 cm, female - 9 cm

Origin: New Guinea

Raising: The proper raising temperature is around 25 C. The feeding is easy, only when disturbed it stiffens and attempts to melt with the surrounding. However if undisturbed it hunts even quite big prey. I keep the environment humid by spraying, but it is necessary to ventilate the terrarium in order to prevent the development of fungi. As a substratum bed I use peat. Young praying mantids should be rather placed in an terrarium with fewer branches to ensure proper last moults and prevent mantids from moulting on very low located branches.

Breeding: Since this praying mantis is a great predator, the female must be well fed before meeting with the male. If possible, you should observe it and prevent the female from devouring the male. Most frequently, the males are not interested in reproduction too much which sometimes poses a problem. The nymphs, which hatch within about 45 days in 25oc, are relatively large. Most often, about 50 nymphs have emerged from my oothecae.

My opinion about this species: interesting, big praying mantid; nymphs are of beautiful brown colour; similar to Rhombodera basalis in terms of body shape but different for being less active and moving less in the terrarium.