Sphodromantis gastrica

Features: most often brown or green praying mantids

Length: 6.5 - 7.5 cm

Origin: Africa - Ghana, Burkina, Nigeria...

Raising: This praying mantid belongs to the least demanding species. The environment in the vivarium should be quite dry but I spray it also during the day even if only with a very little amount of water. The feeding is easy and this praying mantid hunts any pray of reasonable size. The proper raising temperature is 24 - 28 C. Other species of the Sphodromantis group have the same raising requirements. Out of the over 40 species of this group the most popular raised mantids are S.lineola and S.viridis(northern Africa). see photo

Breeding: I introduce the male to the well fed female and although it is very carnivorous the male of this species is not too fearful. The female produces the 1st ootheca typically 1 month after the last moult, most often on the branch or the ceiling of the terrarium. I spray the oothecas every day, but only a little. The young hatch after approx. 40 days and there are around 150-200 of them. They grow relatively fast and when fed well they become adult in 4.5 - 5 months. Sphodromantis mantids do not cause problems with moulting though they need enough space to comfortably hang for moulting.

My opinion about Sphodromantis mantids: easy to raise; relatively big praying mantids; appropriate also for beginners