Rhombodera basalis

Features: : very attractive, big praying mantid with a wide pectoral shield; green, sometimes tinted blue; inner sides of tackling legs are yellow

Length: the female - 9 cm, the male - 8 cm.

Origin: Malaysia

Raising: The raising container should be spacious as this praying mantid is large and relatively active. It requires relatively high humidity but at the same time it is necessary to ventilate the vivarium. The proper raising temperature is around 26 C. There are no problems with feeding since this praying mantid very actively hunts any pray, often quite large.

Breeding: Some females can be very aggressive, others may not mind males at all, but it is always good to feed the female well. It is also good to feed the male as well as it may happen that its attention will be rather attracted to the surroundings than the female. And still there are males which mate very reluctantly. The oothecas (of a diameter of 3 cm) are laid mostly on the branch and at the temperature of 25 - 30 C the young hatch in 45-60 days. There may be 150 of them. The young grow relatively fast and in approx. 4.5 - 5 months they become adult. As adult these praying mantids live only 2 - 2.5 months - males, 4.5 - 5 months - females.

My opinion about this species: one of the most beautiful species of praying mantids for their colour, size and shape of their body; they are also relatively active and often move in the insectarium.