Pseudocreobotra ocellata

Features: green and white smaller praying mantid, with gills on legs, outgrowths on abdomen, colourful eye on wings; nymphs are black after the 1st moult, later pink and white with green spots.

Length: female 3.5 - 4 cm, male 3.5cm.

Origin: southern and western Africa

Raising: Due to its small size this praying mantid is very voracious and manages to eat a relatively large pray. With no problem it accepts flying and creeping insects so it is also possible to serve floury worms which some species hunt very reluctantly. The proper raising temperature is 24 - 30 C. It tolerates relatively dry environment, but it is good to regularly spray anyway, so it can drink.

Breeding: Due to its enormous carnivorousness the introduction of the male to the female may cause problems. Therefore we must feed the female very well and perhaps even make it keep some pray while the male is introduced. The oothecas of are laid mostly on the branch, they are oblong and 3.5 - 4 cm long. The young hatch in 40-45 days in a quantity of 20-50. They grow relatively slowly and there are long intervals between last between moult periods . Reaching adulthood depends on the temperature and feeding, typically it takes 7 months.

My opinion about this species: interesting, colourful praying mantid which is surprisingly voracious in relation to its size.