Plistospilota sp.

Features: this praying mantid is coloured brown and green, its chest is rather thin

Length: female - around 12 cm, male - 10 cm

Origin: Africa

Raising: Insectarium for these praying mantids should be high enough during the growing process, mainly during the last between moult periods , in order to ensure enough space for moulting. I keep their environment drier and as a substratum bed I use sand. The proper raising temperature is 24 - 28 C.

Breeding: Even though we introduce the male to the well fed female, anyway it happens that the female eats the male even during the mating. The female lays relatively large oothecas (around 4 - 4.5 cm) on the branch or bark. The young hatch after about 35 days in a quantity of 150-200. During the growing process they moult 9 times, (it happens however that mantids of the same sex and coming from the same ootheca can undergo a varied number of moults, some of them may moult only 8 times; such a mantid however will be a little smaller as adult) and they become adult in 4.5 - 5 months. The female becomes adult mostly about 14 days later than the male and therefore it is recommended to raise males at a lower temperature.

My opinion about this species : these are large praying mantids (one of the largest species raised); the adult female is relatively carnivorous and therefore the mating process requires a lot of attention and patience; otherwise this species is relatively undemanding and only during the growing period requires enough room for moulting