Some other insects I raise

Fungus-growing ant - Acromyrmex octospinosus Tropical ant, exhibits the same life style as the more popular and bigger Leaf-cutting Ant. Both species grow fungus in spacious underground chambers. The fungus is the part and parcel of their foodstuff. The majors (soldiers) carry leaves to its nest, and then minors (nurses) cut it up into gelatinous mulch on which the fungus grows. Honey-pot Ants - Myrmecocystus mexicanus Tropical ant, exhibits an interesting habit - some workers are specialized as living storage containers of liquid food for other ants. The worker fills its abdomen with foodstuff (its size multiplies) and it hangs itself from the chamber ceiling. Slave-maker Ant - Polyergus rufescens In summer months these ants foray into nets of other ant species (Formica fusca, rufibarbis, cunicularia), carry off nymphs to their own nets where young ants hatch, are reared as slaves and later perform all the jobs in their colony - building nets, nursing the young and foraging. Harvester Ant - Messor barbarus Ants harvesting and feeding on seeds, crushed by the workers with their massive mandibles.
Other ants I raise/ have raised /of my raising: Camponotus ligniperda, Camponotus sp.(Columbia) Camponotus cruentatus, Camponotus sp.(Columbia - gold coloured) Camponotus aethiops, Camponotus sp. (Spain), Formica fusca, Formica rufibarbis, Lasius niger, Myrmica rubra, Myrmecina graminicola,Camponotus sp.(Argentina).

Heteropteryx dilatata Giant Phasmid: of Malaysian origin; the female is green, body length - up to 18 cm; the male is brown, body length - about 10 cm Brasidas samarensis: big, green phasmid Epidares nolimetangere - smaller hydrophilic phasmid
Stick Insects
Baculum extradentatum, Gratidia sp.
Leaf Insects
Phyllium giganteum, Phyllium sp.(Philippines)
Proscopia sp.: interesting species, resembling a stick insect; interesting head profile - see photo.
Kalotermes flavicollis - small termite species of the south European origin
Blaberus giganteus,Gromphadorhina portentosa,Princisia vanwaerebeki