Hierodula membranacea

Features: it is most often green, sometimes also tinged with brown

Length: female - about 9 cm, male - 8 cm

Origin: Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka

Raising: This praying mantid belongs to the group of relatively low-maintenance species, which easily breeds and there are no problems with feeding. I spray the vivarium every day, the humidity does not have to be high. The raising temperature is around 25C.

Breeding: the female is relatively aggressive so before mating it needs to be well fed, and still it can happen that the male gets eaten. The oothecas, which the female lays on the branch, I spray every day, but in case the air humidity level is right it is enough to spray less often. Approximately after 45 days up to 200 nymphs hatch. Starting the second day I feed them with fruit flies. Young mantids can be separated immediately but since their quantity is large it is simpler to raise them all together approximately up to the 3rd moult, or if needed divide them by a few tens into bigger containers. After the 3rd moult these mantids start attacking each other even though they are well fed. The smallest ones I feed every other day, larger ones every third or fourth day according to the food amount. In good feeding and temperature conditions these mantids become adult after 4.5 months. The adult male lives in most cases 2 - 3 months and the adult female lives half a year.

My opinion about this species: it is the large, beautifully coloured praying mantid; there are virtually no problems with raising; very suitable for beginners