Cilnia humeralis

Features: as adult this praying mantid is typically green, but throughout the growing time it often changes colour and sometimes after each moult it is tinged differently (most often tinges of brown and green, but sometimes even red and blue); the female has shorter wings which do not cover the whole abdomen; its front tackling legs are relatively wide and it can skillfully catch a smaller pray with only one leg.

Length: both sexes 5 - 6 cm; the male is thinner and have longer wing.

Origin: southern Africa

Raising: Raising temperature: about 24C. The species requires more humid environment than mantids Sphodromantis, but it is relatively of low-maintenance and eagerly accepts any satisfying nutriment. There are sometimes problems with moulting, mostly due to the improper level of humidity. As a raising container a 3-1itre jar will be enough, into which we put some branches.

Breeding: The female is very carnivorous so it needs to be fed well before mating and the whole mating process needs to be watched so possible attempts of eating the male can be stopped. Oothecas, which are approximately 3 cm , the female lays most typically on the branch or on the wall of the terrarium. At the temperature of 25 C young mantids start hatching after 35-45 days (if temperature differs it can be more than 50 days). There are usually100-150 in one brood. Young mantids become adult after 5.5 - 6 months. The adult male lives 2 months and the female about 5 months.

My opinion about this species: beautiful praying mantid; interesting colour changes during single larvae stages.