Ameles decolor

Features: this praying mantid is typically coloured gray and brown; males often have wings of lighter tinge, long and enabling to fly; females have very short wings.

Length: female 3 - 3.5 cm, male 3.5 cm (with wings)

Origin: : southern Europe

Raising: Raising temperature: room temperature, 20-25C. A smaller container will be sufficient as a vivarium, but since it is a moderately active species which moves often on the ground, the bottom size needs to be larger.

Breeding: I do not have personal experience with breeding of this species. The female produces very small (about 4 - 5 mm) oothecas, in nature often on stones, sometimes even a few oothecas during one day. As in nature oothecas survive a cold period, we need to simulate such conditions in their raising environment. The only information regarding breeding in the Czech Republic I have found in a periodical Sklípkan 3/2001 page 57, where it is stated that oothecas were placed in a temperature of 18C for one month and young mantids started hatching after 45 days after the end of the "cooling" period.

My opinion about this species: these are very small praying mantids, in nature occur in prairie and bushed locations, where they move mostly on the ground and are a little more active than a lot of other species.